Aster 2 #38 Rental Agreement

368 Shore Road. P.O. Box 190
Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada B0E 1B0


This agreement dated on day of 2021 between:

Name: Chen Chen (hereafter referred to as the Owner) and:
Name: Customers Name (hereafter referred to as the Guest)

The Owner agrees to lease to the Guest, and the Guest agrees to lease from the Owner,
the property as follows:

Condo Unit # 38 ASTER 2

Rent Payable: $ CDN (+15% HST)
Security Deposit Waiver Fee: $35.00 CDN (+15% HST)
Cleaning Fee: $140.00 CDN (+15% HST)
Total Payable: $ CDN (includes HST)
Deposit Due Upon Booking: $ CDN
Balance Due 30 Days Before Arrival Date: $ CDN

Number of Guests: Adults / Children

Check-In Date: (4pm): 2021
Check-Out Date: (10am): 2021
Pet Friendly Unit: No
All pets are prohibited. A $250.00 surcharge will be charged to the guest, for failure to abide by this rule.
Smoke Free Unit: Yes

A reservation deposit of half the amount of the rental, which includes the Security Deposit
Waiver Fee and Cleaning Fee, is due upon booking. The monies will be held to confirm
the Guest Reservation. We require a House Cleaning Fee of $140.00 plus tax that will be
done following the guest’s departure. The Remaining Balance of the Total Rent is payable
30 days prior to Arrival. All Major Credit Cards are accepted for Payment.

We require a $35 non-refundable Security Deposit Waiver Fee for all reservations in lieu
of an additional Damage Deposit. This privilege is offered to you as our way of saying
“Thank You” for your business. The Waiver covers all minor accidental damage or
breakage up to $500. Coverage does not cover extraordinary cleaning charges, damage
resulting from negligence or willful or wanton conduct. Guests must notify the Resort
Manager at once of any damage during occupancy and submit a written report or the
Damage Waiver is void. For reservations for which the Rental Amount is over $2500
weekly, an additional refundable Security Deposit may be required.

The Guest acknowledges that because of the short rental season in Nova Scotia, they are
buying the time available in the property and they own that time slot. Our Condo
Cancellation Policy is 30 Days prior to the arrival date. The Guest agrees to pay the total
Rental as shown above of this Rental Agreement by or before the due date. In the event
of late payment, or failure to pay, MacAulay Resorts Ltd. has the right to levy the
Cancellation charges provided for by this Agreement against any money that the Guest
has paid in advance and cancel the Reservation.

Upon arrival the Guest will pick up the keys in the lockbox at the door of the cottage.
The code of the lockbox will be sent to the guest in a separate email as soon as the
reservation is confirmed. Your arrival to the property is at your convenience after 4
PM. Upon departure by 10AM, we request that you drop your keys in the same lockbox.

The property will be furnished, including cooking utensils, linens and towels, and with
utilities provided at no additional cost to the Guest. The property is provided on a selfcatering basis, with a starter pack of toiletries, including complimentary soap, shampoo,
dish detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, garbage bags, and coffee machine
filters. The Owner warrants that the premises and all appliances, heating, plumbing and
electrical systems are in working order and that the cost of repairs will be borne by the
Owner, unless due to negligence of the Guest. Housekeeping services will be provided
prior to the Guests arrival and following departure, with extra precautions for Covid 19

The Guest shall use the premises for residential purposes only and agree to keep the
premises in as good repair and condition as found. The Guest agrees that parties,
including weddings, rehearsal dinners, family reunions or other such events must have
prior approval at the time of the Reservation, and that failure to disclose this information
could result in eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid. Guests are bound by all
regulations of the Victoria County Condominium Corporation #3. The Guest agrees to be
responsible for any property broken or lost and for any extraordinary cleaning required to
return the premises to the condition it was in before the Guests occupancy, and agrees
that such costs may be charged to the Guest. The Guest will not sub-let the property or
assign this agreement without the written consent of MacAulay Resorts Ltd. The Guest
further agrees to the following: Upon vacating, the Guest is to leave the premises tidy and
leave the keys in the keybox at the door. Smoking is not allowed in the residence. Use of
any recreational equipment such as bicycles, canoes, kayaks or boats, if any, is at the
Guests own risk. In the event the Guest defaults by failing to pay all payments required
or permits occupancy by more than the above stated number of persons written in the
Rental Agreement, or violates any of the covenants or obligations made or assumed by
the Guest pursuant to this Rental Agreement, the Guest shall forfeit all monies paid and
Guests right to possession of the premises shall be immediately terminated.

The Owner and Guest recognize and agree that MacAulay Resorts Ltd. is not a party to
this Rental Agreement and that its only role in this transaction is to facilitate the Rental
Agreement between the Owner and the Guest. MacAulay Resorts Ltd. makes every effort
to fully and completely answer all questions asked by the Guest and to accurately
represent and describe the leased property; however, it does not guarantee the accuracy
or completeness of any such information, nor the satisfaction of the Guest or the Owner,
and any problems relating to the leased premises are to be resolved between the Guest
and Owner. If the Guest is disappointed or unsatisfied with a property due to differences
in taste according to décor, accommodation, location or any other reason and declines to
stay at the rental property, this will be considered a cancellation and no rent reduction or
refund will be issued.

Both the Guest and the Owner agree to indemnify and save harmless MacAulay Resorts
Ltd. and all of its employees from any and all liabilities and any and all loss or damage
whatsoever arising, related to or in connection with the rental of the premises, including
but not limited to any loss of income or claim by the Owner for unpaid rental or damage
claim from the Guest, and any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or loss of
property which is made, incurred or sustained by the Guest or guests of the Guest.
MacAulay Resorts Ltd. does not accept any liability for removal of the property from the
marketplace for any reason, including a decision by the Owner, or any action or inaction
that results in the property becoming unavailable or unsuitable for the rental period.
Wherever such an event occurs, MacAulay Resorts Ltd. will attempt to locate a suitable
alternative accommodation of equal or better quality, subject to availability. If no such
alternative property is found, or in the event that the Guest refuses the offered alternate
property, then the Guest may cancel the booking and receive a full refund of the total

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